Project Description

Admissions Scheduling

Throughout the school year, admissions offices will host campus visits for prospective students. These visits are crucial to understanding if there is a good fit for school and candidate. This project sought to improve and streamline the process for all involved.

  • New Feature

  • User Research

  • Storyboards

Project Overview

– Scheduling calendar (mockup)

– Self-scheduling (mockup)


The process for scheduling candidate visits has traditionally been labor-intensive, and done by paper and pencil. The admissions staff would talk with school staff to check availability, consult the school calendar, and then use that information to identify dates, times, and potential participants for candidate visits.

Candidates would call the school, compare calendars with the admissions staff, and then together they would set a visit schedule.


The goals of this project were to improve the candidate visit scheduling experience for admissions staff, visit participants, and candidates. Specifically, we wanted to bring the identification of potential visit date/times into our school calendar, to allow candidates to self-schedule visits, and to provide a powerful visit builder for admissions staff.

Research & Design Process

The product triad began the research process by talking with admissions staff at several schools. as we learned more, I created and refined a user flow that helped ensure we understood the full story for admissions staff, participants, and candidates.

See User Flow (PDF)

I took the insights gathered from our initial research, and created low-fidelity mockups. We used these in several ways – to aid in user interviews, for usability tests, and to inform a high-fidelity prototype I created.

See Lo-Fi Mockups (PDF)

I created storyboards of the design for two reasons – to ensure the full experience resonated with our users, and to communicate the experience with Blackbaud team member outside the product group.

See Storyboards (PDF)


– Scheduling a visit (production build)

Scheduling from the Admissions Office

The Blackbaud Admission Scheduling feature went live in 2018, and allowed admissions staff’s to bring the full scheduling process into the Blackbaud system. They can now set up visit openings (single or recurring), schedule candidates in those slots, create visit-day agendas, and manage the openings & visits with two new lists.

– Self-scheduled confirmation (mockup)

Self-Scheduling for Candidates

Candidates are now able to review visit openings and self-schedule visits. Schools can allow this to the level of their own comfort, with the option to turn it on or off, to require approval after self-scheduling, and to craft the notifications associated with self-scheduling.