My Portfolio

Drawn from my work as User Experience Designer for Blackbaud K12, Research Assistant with Cultural Research in Technology (CRIT), and various design competitions & publications.


onCampus: Interactive Rubrics

An integrated rubrics solution for K12 teachers and students


onBoard: Smart Tuition

A seemless contract & billing experience for K12 schools & families


ResearchPoint: Social Finder

Enhanced social media data for nonprofit prospect researchers

Deployment Study

Publication: Persuasive Anxiety

Research on persuasive anxiety, big data, and the quantified self

  • Published by: Journal of Human–Computer Interaction
Critical Playshop

Publication: Critical Playshop

Research into the intersections of craft, fabrication, and play

  • Published by: ACM Interactions
Panda Hat of Doom

Publication: Panda Hat of Doom

An educational design game that simulates real-world challenges

  • Published by: CHI 2016 (ACM)
Emergency Operating System

Competition: EOS

A design that turns mobile devices into lifelines during disasters

  • First Place: 2014 Microsoft Imagine Cup UX Challenge
Wonder Album

Competition: Wonder Album

Crowd-sourced photo collages that build understanding

  • Finalist: 2013 CHI Student Design Competition in Paris, France
Make It Critical

Research tool: Make It Critical

An ideation card deck created around speculative and critical designs

About Me

My Bio

I am a User Experience Designer for Blackbaud, seving as lead deigner for our K12 learning management system, onCampus, and our K12 school enrollment system, onBoard. My background is in HCI design and elementary education, and I hold Masters degrees in both fields.

Outside of professional life, I am a reader, a traveler, a runner, and a foodie.

Learn more about my professional experience at LinkedIn.

My Design Process

  • Research: Understand the space.
  • Iteration: Learn though trial, error, and insight.
  • Presentation: Communicate with context and clarity.
  • Critique: Embrace rigorously honest feedback.
  • Reflection: Improve with experience.

My Contact Info

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I had some help.

Vamsi Chaitanya created the EOS illustration. Chi Chen created the Wonder Album illustration. The Deployment Study photo was taken by Shad Gross. The About Me photo was taken by Tian Xia.